Request for Overhead Swing Consistency

  • Hello TornBanner

    Can you swap between the two overhead swings of a 1-hand weapons (Or 2-hand weapons. doesn’t matter) so that your thumb button starts an overhead from the left, and the wheel down starts an overhead from the right?

    The two handed weapons have alternate swings that start from the left but the 1-handers have alternate swings that swing from the right.

    I know the original swing for the 1-hander was from the left, but I’d love to see consistency.

    Thank you

  • Can’t you just bind the ALT attack to the normal and vice-versa?

  • @Matti:

    Can’t you just bind the ALT attack to the normal and vice-versa?

    If you change alt and normal keys, as a knight or vanguard, your 2-hand weapons overhead is swapped. 2-hand weapons and 1-hand weapons dont share the same kind of overhead swings. This inconsistency is what im talking about. Ive been playing since the game was released last year, and this is something Id like changed. (yes i know alt swings didnt exist before. Im talking about overhead swing direction)

    This shouldnt be too hard to change. All you need to do is change the animation names for each weapon. I just dont know what is what

  • Not sure if it was you whom I just replied to on reddit, but I’ll reiterate here: I agree, both 1 handed and 2 handed weapon should have their overhead swings in the same orientation for the regular and alternative. I, like OP, bind all attacks to mouse buttons to match weapon origin/direction preference, and the disparity of overheads is unsettling.

  • Does someone at least know if these swings can be changed in config files without getting kicked from servers?

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