TO, but with TDM respawns

  • I always found that the mentality of players in TO is similar to a meat grinder, especially with inexperienced players. They just throw themselves at the objective, spam LMB, kill a few enemies, rinse and repeat. Granted, it’s a different story with experienced players, but they share the feeling that death has less consequences than other mods. And it does, but I wish players would still try to do everything to stay alive.

    That’s when I thought about limited respawns in TO. At first, I wanted for some TO with no respawns like LTS, but I quickly realized that would make for a very short gameplay. So instead, how about a definite number of respawns, like in TDM, but with a TO map? Maybe increase the number of respawns to balance the length of the string of objectives, or reset the number after each objective? I would like to play a TO where players do everything to stay alive, rather than throw themselves spamming in the fight.

    What are your thoughts? Yay, nay? Need some tweaking?

  • I do agree that it’s annoying that in TO, you’re better off getting killed sometimes. If I have no health… sometimes I’d rather just die. I’m not a fan of that

  • Since when did any public game have ‘teamwork’? ;)

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