Hillside fire bug

  • As you can see by the pictures this is hill side at the fire closest to the agatha spawn people are actually able to jump into it and hide inside using crouch and not be hit. THIS IS A BIG PROBLEM i have ran into this twice today and both where maa i would walk right by and out of no where they would jump out of the fire and attack kill then jump back in of course the team knew where they are but cant hit them do to the hit box of the fire.

    PS- both pics where taking in creat a game mod so i can replicate what i saw in game due to i couldnt take a pic fast enough to show in game but i manage to do what the two guys where doing.

    UPDATE- players use the large poles around the fire since they have hit boxes to stop people from hitting him inside the fire

  • This will be fixed in the next patch.

  • okay thanks for letting me know slygoat i just keep seen this happen now every time is just getting annoying

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