Initial impressions from the Tutorial

  • First off, thanks for allowing Beta access to your great looking game! I hope you actually wanted feedback, feel free to move this to the appropriate forum.

    I’m loving the depth to the combat moves, it seems like a lot of strategy comes into play.
    The sense of humour is a nice touch :)

    However theres a few things which bugged (pun!) me during the initial bout (I haven’t finished the entire tutorial yet):

    The feet movement and reaction after the button press seems really sluggish.
    Looking left/right is nice and smooth but up/down feels like the mouse movement is being slowed.
    The stamina and other HUD items disappear, I’d prefer always on.
    Spelling/punctuation in the subtitles is inconsistent. “Your nuts”, “Basic trainin” “Great jorb” …whos the Coach Z fan? haha.
    Any anti-aliasing options coming in future updates?
    Multi-monitor works but the FOV is stretched. Any chance this will get looked at in the future? (I’m sure the guys at will be happy to help, I don’t know the technical stuff!)

    Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong on any points, not trying to be over critical just hopefully helpful :)

  • Oh and also, the first time I alt+tabbed out of the game (to write the post above), my PC froze.
    I had to hold the power button on the PC to restart it. No commands worked, including Ctrl+alt+del, not even the restart button on the PC.

    The second time I tried exiting the tutorial through the Esc menu, the game hung on the loading page until I eventually alt+tabbed and closed the game from Windows (but no system crash that time).

    Hope this helps! Anyway, I’m going back into the game now…

  • There’s a temporary fix for the game hanging at loading screen - open the console, (` key by default) type disconnect and then hit enter. You won’t be able to see the console because the loading screen covers it, but it’s there. If you have any other technical problems like that, check the support forums and see if the issue has been encountered before, if not definitely make a thread about it, really helpful when beta testers are willing to actually beta test :D

    Appreciate the feedback, by the way. One thing I’d like to point out is the stamina and health bars in the HUD only disappear when your stamina/health is full - so there isn’t really any information to display.

  • Thanks I’ll try that fix for the loading screen! My bad, I didn’t read that other thread first :P
    Good to know you guys take the feedback seriously too.

    I tried a quick multiplayer match against bots and quickly forgot about the HUD! You’e right, if its not there then I don’t need to see it.

  • I’ve only played through all the training and had one match against the bots in free-for-all, but here’s a couple of things I noticed:

    • In the training I’m told to spam RMB to do a combo attack whereas the RMB is supposedly for blocking and LMB for attacking.
    • Trying to leave game hangs on the “loading” screen.
    • I’d like to have an option to set the mouse speed even slower than the current minimum so that I didn’t have to change my mouse settings that are currently suitable for other games. The game’s playable as is but it’d be nice to try it with a bit slower setting too.

    The game seems great so far. I’ve yet to manage to play with human opponents, but I don’t mind training with the bots for now… ;)

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