(Australian & NZ) League of Insanity Gaming Recruiting now!

  • This clan is an Australian Clan

    This is the link to the steam group http://steamcommunity.com/groups/LeagueInsanity

    currently: 3 members

    we are allies with another new clan called the BROTHERHOOD (BH) check them out: viewtopic.php?f=50&t=11284

    If you want more info private message me and will answer your questions as much as i can.

    To join you dont need to be trial.

    But trials are needed in order to participate in scrims and other group activities.

    If you are interested in versing us then add me ( ~I~ MADDNESS!!! ) on steam and we will setup the scrim.
    (currently only doing 2v2 and 1v1 because of the low number of people in our clan).

    Until more people join, now will be allowing nearly anyone aslong as they are from either Australia or New Zealand.


  • because we are so low in the number of people in the clan, a clan member is going to trial them and i will see if they have enough skill to join. since this is only the start of this clan i will go very easy on the first 5 people that want to join, might even get in trial free!

  • we are still active! and willing to trial anyone

  • updated the page, now allied with the BROTHERHOOD (BH)
    and we are still trialing people, if i think your good enough you join instantly no trial needed

  • Updated the page, now setting up scrim battles (2v2, 1v1) by steam chat

  • This clan is still actively looking for new members, all that is needed is that you verse me in a dual server and then i decide wether you join or not, it is that simple, and until we start getting more players start joining i will be allowing nearly anyone from Australia or New Zealand to join.

  • Where is all the people at join the clan and i can get us fights with big Aussie or NZ clans, we are still very active with chivalry

  • We have 3 members now!
    Just remember that a trial is not needed to join, but is needed to be able to participate in scrims among other things. JOIN NOW!

  • Join so our clan can expand into bigger scrims, have our own teamspeak and our own servers on chivalry

  • In celebration of the new update to Chivalry people MUST now join because we have only a few people in our clan and I’m getting lonely
    SO JOIN!

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