Steam Friend Overlay

  • I just have a suggestion, i don’t know if this is in the works or not, but please change the steam overlay PLEASE. You guys made the chat look much better, the hud for the objectives a (little) better. Please make the steam overlay better.

    While playing with friends, the steam overlay i am referring to is the green font that shows your friends name near their character. If you are close to your opponent it is over their head+body, however, if you are a medium to ranged distance away… the text actually bounces up and down, but is mostly covering the head and shoulder area of the character. This is particularly annoying when trying to aim, i can only imagine an archer in FFA or something seeing their friends running around.

    Now, if i just have 1 or 2 friends i’m playing with this is not too too bad… but when we have like 15 people in the same server… all these green icons running around… for 1.) they need to be a smaller font, or something that just looks sleeker… i really don’t like the way the hud font looks still how big and bright it is. It needs to be bright yes and able to see… but maybe a more well defined font thats clear to read but not in the way of everything. And 2.) please put the font in the correct areas for all ranges… the name shouldn’t be blocking the head and chest of the player, and in certain resolutions and FOV’s i’ve seen in videos… it looks crazy bad.

    Also, as mentioned in another post… please give us the option to disable the game hud, but keep the steam friends hud overlay i speak of here.

    TLDR: I think green is a fine color for the overlay, many overlays use green… but they have better fonts that are clearer to read and are in the correct area above the players. Just make the font a bit smaller, change it to something else… and move it to the correct spot and give the option to have it on with the game hud off.

  • Yeah, the font looks a bit off and the text size is way too big. Good points.

  • Exactly what I used to say. +1

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