Initial impressions from jumping straight into a multiplayer

  • Just thought I would jot down my experience from jumping straight into a multiplayer game (no tutorial). I have very little time today but wished to get a feel for the game. These impressions are based on only the first 20 minutes of game play!

    • seemingly less sophisticated combat than war of roses. Okay, I know that you may not be in direct competition, but you won me over from that game so comparisons will happen. I think this initial feeling will prove wrong after completing the tutorial. In WoR it seems to be all about putting effort into each swing, this seems more about selecting the correct tool for the job. There is far better access to the ‘tools’ in this game - and this definitely feels more fun and as noted I am sure that this will prove to be just as sophisticated (once I learn how to play).

    • on UK keyboards, the ’ key (colon) is also the console, should this not be the tilda key instead? It makes it very hard to use correct grammar without a colon.

    • I don’t know if it is available, but third person would be really cool. (Again I will learn to play the game properly later).

    • I absolutely love the evolving goals in multiplayer team objectives.

    • I think you have pretty much nailed the trade between screen cut-off compared to cover provided by shield cover.

    • The server announcements could use some tweaking/tidying as they look a bit garish and sloppy at the moment (sorry I can’t provide specifics at the moment).

    • Autobalance on servers seems to be lacking (4 against 8 at one point - again, sorry for lack of detail re time and sever).

    Okay, sorry for this scant report - I have absolutely no time to properly play, test and report back on this today, and will probably not until next week. So next week I guess I willbe able to report what it is like for a newbie having played the tutorial to go into a game with a load of l33t VETs playing :S.

    Great work ye’ all, love this game!

  • Press “P” for 3rd person

  • hmmm where is the download to be able to try the beta or is it still not available?

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