BSOD/Video driver crashes when Fullscreen + 2560x1440

  • Basically the title:
    I can launch in any resolution in windowed mode, 1080 full screen works, 1440 windowed works, but as soon as I select 2560x1440 Fullscreen it BSODs me. BSOD code x116. Before it crashes I can alt tab and stop it from blowing up and it gives me the “video driver crashed and recovered”. While I’m tabbed out, everything is fine until I try to go back to Chivalry and the same screen flashing ticking time bomb starts again.

    Currently running a 27" 2560x1440 monitor. I also have an additional 1080p secondary extended monitor
    AMD 7970 xfired with 7950. 13.1 CCC drivers

  • Hi Rebellion,

    I don’t have a good answer for you. Chivalry is known to have issues with Crossfire/SLI. Chivalry also has issues with multiple monitors. You’re asking for double trouble with that :(

    I would suggest try unplugging (disabling?) the second monitor or try turning off Crossfire in software to see if either or both works.

  • Roger that. I’ll troubleshoot both of those possible solutions and get back to you. Thanks.

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