Chivselect – Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Loadout Hotkeys

  • (There isn’t really a forum for this kind of thing, so I wasn’t sure where to post. Please don’t hesitate to move this wherever you see fit.)

    I wrote an AutoHotkey script that lets me define hotkeys for any Chivalry class/gear loadout. I use it all the time, so I decided to share it with the community and took the time to make it compatible with pretty much all resolutions. I hope it will be useful to you guys (and gals).

    I find not having to manually (re-)select every piece of gear can make a huge difference in not missing spawn phases and overall convenience.

    It’s quick and easy to set up with zero AHK experience! You’ll never have to click all your items again!


    The documentation isn’t too thorough yet but I hope the included readme will help get you started.

    I will be posting update notifications and the like to my newly resurrected Twitter account. Follow me to keep tabs.

  • Bump for exposure.

  • Fixed a bug causing all knight loadout hotkeys to fail at 1920x1080. New version: v0.2.2. (see above for download links)

  • Haven’t had the chance to try this yet, has anyone else?

    I know a lot of people seemed to be really into this idea, way back in Alpha even.

  • Added ability to reselect the most recently used loadout. Useful between rounds and after switching teams. New version: v0.3. (see above for download links)

  • Thanks M8. This should make my life a little bit more simple lulz.

  • Hey, I saw your post on mapping arrows/throw to a different button, but I had a question.

    I’m new to all of this, so I don’t know where to put the code you posted. Do I just paste it into an .ini file? Which one? Do i need another program for that?

    As well, I’d like to map the arrow/throw to the stab (I use an xbox 360 controller, and is my right trigger attack). Can this be done?

  • I think this belongs in the custom content section.

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