How does Flinching Work?

  • I am curious how flinching works? When are you suppose to flinch? For example i thought it was whenever someone hit you but sometimes when i hit them when they were in full swing it flinches them and stops their swing and other times they continue their swing?

  • It doesn’t work. If you are lucky when you hit someone they won’t be able to hit you before your combo lands. Otherwise you will hit them and they will be able to hit you faster than your combo can windup.

  • Basically whenever a swing isn’t in flight. The technical term for that is “release” - this is the period where your weapon is moving and dealing damage, and you can no longer feint it. What you’re probably seeing is people being hit and flinched at the end of their windup.

  • Whenever a weapon in motion gets real close to you it goes “BOO” and that’s what scares you and therefor you flinch

  • Uh um he might have been talking about interrupts. When you can still feint with your weapon and you get hit during that “windup” time the swing will be stopped. If its past that point and you get hit you will still hit the enemy too because your swing won’t stop.

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