Remove Duel Mode

  • Haha, funny! Umm… This really is a joke isn’t it?

  • You can’t really take OP seriously.

  • Your original argument is flawed; you don’t speak/represent for the entire community of Chivalry. It’s obviously a hit, hence why there are so many people playing and devoting their time on the duel servers.
    Again your original argument is flawed, this thread is pointless. Just like in WoW blizzard doesn’t force you to pvp(duel or bgs). You chose to, it’s the massive amount of free will in the game which allows arenas to exist. Simply put, you don’t have to participate in either pvp or pve, if you want to collect mounts or companions go for it. It’s your time and your account; one person doesn’t even have the justification to state the possible removal of duel mode or arenas. Maybe if you had a valued argument to back up your idea, but you don’t. Based on your argument there is honestly nothing anyone can say to help your case and I’d be surprised if anyone among the Chivalry community supported this idea.

    **for the record, teaming up with your friends to “steam role” other players in FFA could be considered team work but it isn’t. The game mode speaks for its self, free for all. You’re not suppose to team up with your friends, that defeats the purpose of the FFA. I myself hate it when I notice two people working together in a FFA. So stop that, and stop complaining about duel mode, if you don’t like it don’t participate in it. The end.

  • @Dark:

    When you see two guys fighting you definitely pick one to help and when you’re on the ropes and someone is running up to potentially break the flow of your current opponents offense you likely won’t intercept him to keep him from doing it.

    What? That’s… what? There are so many ways I could go with this.

    1. I could go elementary game theory, and point out that when you have multiple individuals competing to acquire limited resources (the kill in front of them), that is not actually teamwork. That is an adversarial task - even if they aren’t stabbing eachother, they are in fact working against eachother to score that last blow.

    2. I could point out that such situations generally devolve into three way fights and the length of the alliance is “one attack swing” (and that’s only if you can’t hit both with it). So your argument is, I guess, that because you aren’t hitting more than one person at a time you’re teamed up with the other dude.

    3. Or I could just point out that if you have a long weapon you run in and slash for both kills, and if you have a short weapon you run in and smack the red guy then run away to look for the next red guy.

    I mean, FFA isn’t really a serious mode, and I totally don’t care that you just said very, very ridiculous things about it. But how did that make sense to you when you were typing it? Really?


    Two solutions and I honestly don’t care which one:

    1: Remove Duel mode.
    2: TB does what Blizzard did with WOW and pretty much comes out and says Duel mode is a fun diversion but isn’t what the core game is going to be designed around.

    I guess I’m lying when i say I don’t care which one. Obviously the more modes the better. But as it is, the Duel mode is having a destructive effect on people’s perceptions and what they believe to be fair balance.

    Two things:

    1. People made balance complaints before duel mode existed. Let’s be honest: you’re referencing the feint discussion. The feint discussion predates duel mode by miles. So you’re quite obviously wrong about what duel mode is doing.

    2. Chivalry is pretty decently balanced in terms of classes. It doesn’t seem to be classes and loadouts that destroy so much as players who destroy. MaA might be a little much, and sword&board might be a little much, but honestly that’s just a reflection on the weakness of 2hers (especially defensively). But there are some 2hers with very impressive duel records.

  • I think duel mode is great. It sharpens the edge of that already unique competitiveness of chivalries combat. For myself, I use it to hone my fighting better for TO because that’s where this game really shines. Start fighting poorly in TO, jump into a duel server and remember what you should be doing. Class balance?.. Nobody said you had to get hit by that grandmace. Remember, personal fighting skill is really going to come out on a duel server, if you need to improve on that then go about it in the right ways- imo watching the good players and learning from what they do. Reading and or watching the excellent tutorials by HEXEN or Sharantil. Duel mode is a bit set apart from the other game modes but before this people were dueling in open servers and it was sorta… Ghetto. Duel mode gives one on one fights style and a new and improved focus.

  • If you aren’t hunting down your friends in FFA, you’re playing it wrong.

  • @DokB:


    The game encourages you to team up in FFA and in all the team modes. everyone is always making micro teams with their lil groups of friends they play with.

    What part of Free For All don’t you understand? And where does this game encourage you to team up in Free for All, weren’t the different colour uniforms a good enough message?

    Sure, no one can stop you from teaming up but it won’t stop people from thinking ill of you for making a team in a game mode that is meant to be “Every man for himself”.

    He’s kind of right. Its FFA-(except when you see an archer; gang them first then recommence FFA)
    And for the record i loved the ‘ghetto’ style duel servers and i learnt a lot there. The should still exist really because you can watch other duels while you wait and also it adds another layer into a duel when a neighbouring duel comes a little close.

  • @Halbardburton:

    FFA is actually team based. because i with friends can team up and take people out. the game even makes it easy to see which people are your friends so you can steam roll together :D.

    You and your friends are pathetic. The first thing I do if I have someone on my friendslist in the same FFA game is to press H to remove the names.

    Even though Free-For-All is a free for all with no rules, I will look down on your puny little gang with contempt every time I steamroll over your pathetic little boy corpses as you behave like a clutch of chickens.

  • @Halbardburton:


    The issue with Duel mode is that it creates an expectation that the mode should be balanced. Individuals are beginning to believe that classes in Duel mode should be on even footing even though such thing flies in the face of Team based modes and can only serve to exacerbate the issue over time.

    This is exactly the point i’m trying to make for its removal. I do not fault people for expecting duels to be balanced. but i see no feasible way to actually balance for both modes. If blizzard couldn’t do it with all there huge think tanks of devs trying to figure it out. then TB should not try to re-invent the wheel on the issue.

    Leave it to Dark Symphony to keep hitting the nails on the head over and over.

    As long as TB doesn’t start balancing for duels, then having a duel mode is fine. TBH, I hate dueling mostly because it exacerbates the bugs and flaws in this game, which can be frustrating if you get screwed over. If TB fixes these, then dueling will be a great mode.

  • Just because it doesn’t fit within the general concept of a few game modes doesn’t warrant even editing it. Troll post or just stupid, pick your poison.

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