Duel training tools or similar? (more suggestions inside)

  • Hi,

    Before i start: I like the game. I like the concept and all. But I’m a bad player and i have a hard time improving.
    Most of the times i dont know who killed me because i dont know who I’m fighting (except ranged kills) in gamemodes like last team standing, team deathmatch or free for all because everyone runs into duels and shoots a free stab at someone. This is very annoying because i dont know if i made a mistake in the fight or just got stabbed in the back. Can we get an option that makes your killer flash so you can see who did it? This is similar to the “make your name flash when killing someone” which is handy as well. I usually shouldn’t take my eyes off the fighting to check if i got a lasthit.

    I think levels don’t represent your skill in game. I am level 20 and I’m bad. I lose 8/10 duels. I rose to this level thanks to stabbing people in good situations but it’s very frustrating once you want to play duels and notice that you can’t do shit. I would recommend changing the level system to something that includes your K/D as well so people can see when they join a server with stacked teams. It’s no fun to play a last team standing 10v10 and lose 6 times in a row with around just 2 people in the enemy team dead while autobalance is utterly happy with the teams.

    Also I’m having a hard time improving in duels. Duel servers for some reason are full of level 25+ people ( i know i said before that’s not really a good way to tell about skills but it’s still an indicator right now) that either feint-spam you to death (knights), facehug you to death (maa) or spam swing with long weapon so you cant really get close. (yes, rant included)
    I can’t kick because for some weird reason this game either doesnt recognise my kick button (yes i have full stam and press the right button) or qeues it up when i press kick twice so instead of reacting after a kick with a parry, i kick again and die (no it shouldnt be the ping. i never play on servers with more than 100 ms) This is a serious issue to me because I can’t use the kick option at all for it being a random button to see if sth happens, or not, or multiple times. Can we get a description anywhere on how kicks work? Because i don’t get it and maybe more people want to know about it.

    I cant block long weapons when people are in my face because the tip would be behind me so i’d have to turn 180 degrees to block it. I can’t kick because it takes so long. And as long as I dont have a dagger in my hand i cant hit faster than him to cancel the upswing. )Didn’t it say somewhere that you get a faster attack after you block?) The duels aren’t really diverse as in people just do the three things mentioned above with varying degrees of success.

    If that’s how it’s supposed to be, ok, then i’d like some training tools to learn it because getting slaughtered 10 times to pull it off 1 time isn’t a satisfying quota. And from what i can read in various posts many people seem to have a similar experience. They have reached a certain point in their skill level that is hard to overcome. And i don’t mean the perfection part. I mean the starting point that gives you hope and ambition because you can see that what you are supposed to do works in principle. If you can’t see that point, this game is becoming frustrating quite fast because you die and don’t know why or how to counteract.
    In the MOBA scene (that’s dota2,lol,hon) tutorials are becoming quite big because the game just isnt fun otherwise. The tutorial here isn’t helping all that much because people online just don’t fight like bots. I would like to have a more diverse tutorial section that shows me in numbers/graphs the speed/range/dmg of the various slashes. Because 57% weapon speed tells me that this weapon is 1% faster than a 56% weapon speed weapon. When using which attack? Why would i have to guess when the info is out there. I don’t want to try 10 times to stab someone with weapon X just to see that the weapon Y swinging is obviously faster than mine.

    My point is: There are several ways of learning. If you get the concept right away and go 10:0 as a lvl 3 char, fine. My envy is yours. The point is, that there are people out there who just don’t learn the way you do and need some help to improve. I belong to this section and i would like to improve my game. The more aspects a tutorial includes, the more people can use it to improve.

    I want this to be solution oriented not problem oriented. Focus on how to make the game better instead of pointing out more whats bad. Everyone knows what bothers people but it’s the “How to make it better” part, that actually gets things done. The “This sucks” part usually tends to end as a frustrating stop where opinions and facts lie to be forgotten and the productive phase ends. Don’t get me wrong: You have to know what’s wrong to fix it but i would like you to include a fix instead of just making you look smart by pointing out things. So i would like opinions and feedback on this because i tried to make a reasonable post and i would like you to react in kind.

    Thx for reading

    TL:DR: I’m bad. I wanna improve. How to do it cause just getting pwnd by pros doesn’t teach me anything. Suggestions welcome.

  • Go Sword of War and Tower Shield.

    Only use stab.

    Don’t turtle the shield.

    Create game and practice on lots of bots.

    Go back and duel again.

    I’m not pro but I can generally kill 50% of people on duels with that setup and I’m on a laptop with a wireless mouse.

  • Bot practice is pretty useless for training as the bots lack advanced combat moves and are really bad at defense, which means you can pound them easily as long as you are somewhat aggressive (even with fists).

    Simply joining duel mode will most likely only yield minor results if you are just getting stomped.

    I’m doing fine in duel mode and even use it for the occasional joke fight or wacky weapon tryout. However, if I face a fighter that slaughters me I usually try to re-challenge them consistently as this is about the only way I can learn something. One of the people I met this way even made it into my Steam friends list.

    In your case I would recommend doing what people did before duel mode: look for a free for all server that has the word “duel” in the name. If the server is not abused for actual FFA, which can happen, you can pick an opponent and challenge him with C to start a duel. The downside of this model is that the rules are only player-enforced, the good things however are that there is no need to care about the score, you can watch duels, repeatedly challenge the better players and, the best part, you have time to ask them things. Often the good players will give you advice if you ask them politely, tell you what they do to beat you and what you can do to become better. This is pretty much the best training mode there is.

    On the other hand, there is the guide section in this forum. Or you may even find somebody around here who is willing to train you.

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