What do you find most satisfying?

  • Killing a shield user? Getting a headshot as an archer? Just naming examples.

    Mine has to be when i beat down an excessive feinter. Nothing is more satisfying…

  • This might not be the MOST satisfying thing but I do really like when I get a good well aimed kill with an arrow from a very far distance while the guy is moving. i did just that yesterday and my dad happened to be in watching a little, he knew I was boss when it happened. 8-)

  • Knocking someone off the cliff on hillside.

  • To see my enemies driven before me, and to hear the lamentation of their women

  • Killing a TKer …… -10 points
    Assisting your friend … 5 points
    Soloing your enemy … 10 points
    Crouching to duck under a vanguards swing
    which then lops off the head of his pal MAA … priceless

    just happened to me OMG it was awesome

  • Getting a smoke pot kill
    Sling headshots
    Kicking someone from the top of first obejctive in Citadel
    When a voice command conversation seems to fit perfectly “You smell like a woman!” - “Thank you!”
    Crossbow/Heavy Crossbow heashots on knights
    One shotting a sprint attacking vanguard with the maul

  • Trowing a trow axe into a MMA who just triey to doge sideway. As if I did not know how far their dodges go to the side…

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