Here's a workaround to sync 2-hand and 1-hand overhead attac

  • For some people who want the same direction for 1-hand and 2-hand overhead swings

    1. Download X-mouse button control

    Quote by Admin of X-mouse:
    "So, for the profile you want to do this for, set layer 1 for the first case and layer 2 for the second case (swapped buttons). Then enable either layer modifier keys or global hotkeys depending on how you want to switch (layer modifer keys change the layer while the key is held down, global hotkeys toggle the layers) to switch between the layers, it might just work :)

    You need to make sure for all other profiles/default that layer 2 is set to “same as layer 1” so changing the layer will only effect the particular profile your interested in."

    2. Layer 1 - set the shortcut key to number “1” on your keyboard
    Layer 2 - shortcut key number “2”

    3. Layer 1 - normal, none-changed setting to your mouse.
    Layer 2 - Switch the buttons for two overhead swings with each other.

    4. Now in game, it should change between layers whenever you press 1 or 2. So when you press 2 to swap to your secondary, it should swap your overhead keys and make your overhead in sync with your 2-hand weapon!!!

    It should work but post here the results because I can’t test it right now.

    Bonus Trick: In your document config file, find UDKGame.cfg and go to the RightMouseButton keybinding. It should say something like:

    GBA_Parry|GBA_Raiseshield|GBA_MeleeFeint or something like that.

    Delete GBA_MeleeFeint, then add GBA_Feint| in front of GBA_Parry. Now in the game, pressing the RMB will cancel your attack and quickly parry. No need to press it twice.

    Downside is that you need to use the default feint button “Q” for all your feints.

    I’ve been doing this since the game was released and many top players know about it. It saves your life countless times.

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