Dodge Direction

  • Less of a bug and more an optimization opportunity:

    1. When pressing two directions, the last input should take precedence for dodge direction. Such as when holding A or D and then pressing W and your dodge key, the W should take precedence as the recent input and send you forward.

    Can be worked around of course, but having to release every other input clearly before pressing another is an added annoyance.

    2. While sprinting, you cannot dodge immediately after releasing the sprint key. There is a moment of “idle time”, perhaps it has to do with the sprint animation transitioning I don’t know, but it would be nice if when sprint is released, dodge is not locked out for several tenths of a second.

    Just some small control optimizations I’d like to see.

  • This really should be in Ideas and Suggestions.

    But good idea though.

  • I felt it was more of an input problem, a rough patch, rather than a “Hey let’s try this new thing”. Either or is fine with me though. Updated original post with the sprint thing that I forgot too.

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