First impressions

  • i thought the game would be a lot like mount and blade, and its not, in a good way.

    Stamina system prevents endless block fights, and makes you think about how and when you fight, forces you to choose battles effectively and makes out-stamming an opponent in a duel a viable strategy.

    Blocking ISNT a janky 4 direction swing your mouse to block type deal. you block, and cannot hold it (without a shield). You must time your block, and have the tip of the enemies weapon in sight to effectively parry.

    hitboxes on swings feels good, and when you land a swing / get blocked / block it feels really…crunchy.

    So far i have not discovered a broken weapon, its not a two handed hero fest like most games of this genre.

    The sounds and atmosphere of the game are excellent. Where else do you bust down a wooden barricade with a beefy mace, and soak your weapons in the gore of cowering peasentry in the name of victory? (they count as kills too, so kill whores will actually go for objectives)

    During my second game, i was hit in the face with a catapult rock. i died instantly. it was hilarious.

    I killed a game developer, victory

    Game runs well on my computer, which is a few years old. max settings no problems at all.

    Each class has a special, and every weapon that class can use is relatively unique to the class. Using a two handed flamberge feels a lot different than wielding a spear or halberd. I mean charge attacking a clueless archer with a spear is fucking priceless.

    I beheaded someone with a mace. i didnt cut his neck, his entire neck is gone.

    Generally speaking, i think the devs outdid themselves, and am looking forward to future content. Game is what i hoped for, best of the medieval combat games i have played.

  • Moved to the beta forum. Glad you like the game :)

  • I’ll hijack this thread instead of starting a duplicate. Everything looks great, lots of good memories coming back from AoC :)

    • Server either crashed or took an incredibly long time to change maps a few times tonight. This effected others but I’m not sure if it was everyone.

    • There needs to be some kind of chat icon so you can see when you’re holding the talk key and who’s talking.

    • The ability to follow players once you die would be nice. Particularly when you’re not going to come back until the end of the match.

    • The arrows need descriptions on how the differ.

    • Is there a way to tell your health at all? That could have just been a chat command, sorry if I missed it.

    • I wish there was a way to have run on as default, similar to AoC where you slow when hit would avoid any issues. Also running doesn’t use stamina, it simply stops it from being recharged. I assume that was planned?

    • On one of the maps there were catapult balls or something stuck in the air. No idea of the map names though. That would be nice info to have on the loading screens.

    • I have not been able to kill a developer yet.

    All in all though a great game, congratulations! Be sure to have a break over the next few weeks and don’t burn yourselves out, I can only imagine how busy you all are.

  • I think that the game feels great. The controls are just right and the blocking feels almost as satisfying as landing a killing blow.

    The only thing I miss is blood! It would really add to the game if the ground got stained by the bodies you leave behind. I’ve seen some minor stains occuring on the ground but to clarify - there’s a bleeding effect that I miss. A simple growing puddle would do.

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