[QoL] Crouching + Sprinting

  • If you don’t know what QoL stands for then it means quality of life. This suggestion is aimed at crouch and sprinting.

    Through my observations while playing, you can’t crouch when you’re sprinting. You must walk and press your crouch button for it to work.

    For more flexibility in the mechanics, to have the ability to sprint and able to crouch/duck incoming swings is invaluable. Now, I’m not suggestion the ability to sprint while crouching, just for the crouch/duck to work while you are sprinting as in you stop sprinting and duck .

    Good idea?

  • Aye sure why not

  • @WhatDehFish:

    Good idea?

    Very good idea. +1

  • Hmm, sort of like RO2 crouch sprint?

    I guess it might be cool.

    Would add another level of play to games, but it would need to be done right. Don’t want people sprinting all over the place, looking at their feet and overhead spamming for instant hit 2handers.

  • @DokB:

    Hmm, sort of like RO2 crouch sprint?

    No, he means that you press the croutch button, and you automaticly exit crouch and crouch. Now it’s that you have to manual exit sprint(release/tapping shift) and then you can crouch

  • Oh so it’s more a duck then? Would it require stamina?

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