Setting altternative attack as standard

  • Hello there,

    I was wondering if it was possible to reverse how regular attacks and alternative attacks are performed. So, I am looking for a way to make a regular button push perform an “alternative” attack while holding the ALT button while attacking triggers a “regular” attack.

    The reason is I’d like to try out a playstyle that reverses most players’ expectations, uses slightly different timings and may simply be more enjoyable for me.

    I know it is entirely possible to play this way with the regular system but not being required to constantly hold an additional button to do so would help a great deal.

    So, is this possible (in a way that does not get you banned) ?

  • just go into settings and do the following

    pause menu–>config–>keybinds–>combat

    from combat, go to alt slash/attack one, double click it, and press the key/mouse button you want it bound to. For me, it’s bound to mousethumbbutton2. For you, you might want to bind it to mouse1.

    You can do this for all the swings.

  • To elaborate on what was said above, people sometimes get confused about the bindings. The “Use Alternate” (I believe that is how it’s worded) is the bind for the key that you press down and then hit attack. You can leave that the way it is (leftalt I believe).

    You’re going to want to modify the ones that say “Perform alternate attack or alternate slash”. Set the Perform Alt slash to your RMB and Perform Alt attack 2 or whatever overhead is called to your mousewheel down and your default overhead and slash will be the alternate versions.

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