Can you reset your rank?

  • Ok, so I bought the game yesterday, enjoying it so far. However in my 2nd or 3rd game, after wolloping some poor sap with a mace, I went from rank 1 to 23 instantly, unlocking all the mace variants in the process. Now, I’ve searched the forums and internet in general to see if there is a way to reset stats, but all I find is people with the opposite problem, who have lost levels and want them back.

    So, is there a way I can reset my stats? It’s kinda ruined the game for me having a bunch of stuff unlocked that I shouldn’t have yet.

  • I also had a similiar experience, didn’t have any weapons unlocked but my rank just jumped to 27 (from 8 if I remember correctly) maybe it will get fixed with the next patch.

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