TIG Recruiting ( The immortal Gladiator)

  • Hi all, We are TIG (the immortal gladiator) , Fighting for the blood and Glory!! We want to have fun together as a clan, no bitching, We are recruiting for new recruit that want some friend to chop head and get some bloody fights, Our rules are simples: have fun, No bitching and add TIG to youre name, we already have fews members, growing very fast!! we are workin on tournaments inside our clan, and we are thinkin about doin clanwar soon as we get bigger! Join us, for the kills, For the fun…we have a 24/24 FFA server ( The immortal Gladiator ) feel free to join and talk with us, always a pleasure to have fun gaming! We are almost all from Ontario or canada, fews from USA we are accepting anyone from anywhere, just need to be mature and cool, we are here for the fun anyway! No rank require, just gaming :) If you are interested talk to me on steam : Lord chainsaws or talk to Kalashnikov
    Have good Fighting people, for the gloory!

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