Launch Issues..

  • I have seen this problem posted several times, and solved a few. However the resolutions I’ve seen do not solve my problem.

    Upon startup, the game’s splash screen appears, once it is gone the game closes. Cannot get past this part.

    FIRST things FIRST Steam and Chivalry are accepted by my comcast constant guard firewall. So this shouldn’t be an issue.

    I have manually installed DirectX drivers. As far as i know ALL of my computer’s drivers should be up-to-date.

    Verified integrity of game cache… Seems ok.

    Reinstalling the game and steam change nothing. I’ve deleted the game’s folder, config folder, blah blah blah to troubleshoot… no luck thus far.

    I sent an email to steam, the troubleshooting instructions they sent in return were fruitless =(

    i’ve attached my DXdiag file… although i do not know how to get my LaunchLog for you guys…

    have i missed anything… i don’t think so!
    I played age of chivalry like a madman, i really hope to be able to play Chivalry (considering i actually bought it!)

    Thanks in advance!!

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