Computer Crashes (Blue Screen) - Video Card Fan Spins 100%

  • Hello - like a few others I too have been experiencing 100% crashes approximately 1 minute into a game. I have tried the following:

    Verifying Game Files
    Deleting the Chivalry configuration folder in my documents folder
    Launching the UDK.exe directly (as Admin)
    Disabling anti-virus & Firewall
    Reinstalling the entire game
    Updating my Nvidia video card drivers to most current version as of (02/2013)

    The game does not crash to desktop. It crashes my entire computer (blue screen). The fan on my video card surprisingly increases to 100% (not sure if that is indicative of anything). I have to do a hard reset.

    Per the instructions I have attached both my game launch logs as well as my dxdiag files. Please let me know if there is a solution. If there is not, is there any recourse is getting my money back (or worst case - game credit)?

    Thank You

  • Do your specifications meet the minimum requirements to play Chivalry?
    If so, try downgrading your Nvidia Video card drivers, I find that normally, newest drivers for graphics cards always mess up, and the original or early drivers work best.
    Sorry for not giving too much help as I’m not that much of a hardware expert.

  • Hmm, you have a 560 which is well above the minimum requirements

    100% fan might speak of some sort of hardware error or overheating. Have you tried logging your temps?

  • I’ll try downgrading my drivers tomorrow.

    I haven’t logged temps. My panels are open all the time anyways and my playtime is so short before crashing (< 1 minute) that I don’t think temp is an issue.

  • Have you opened up your computer to see if there was a dust bunny lodged in the fan? Happened to me once.

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