T-Shirts and other Merchandise.

  • I was just thinking about buying a shirt for one of my favorite games. So I looked up “Chivalry Medieval Warfare Merchandise” to find none at all.
    This made me surprised, T-Shirts especially would be amazing for this game. There has to be tons of designers willing to make them. I myself am not a half bad picture editor.

    I was thinking for shirt ideas-

    A shirt for the Mason Order.
    A shirt for Agatha.
    A shirt for each class. But have both Mason and Agatha for each one, standing beside each other.
    A shirt with the game logo.

    There could be more ideas but those right there for shirts would be really really cool and I would definitely buy one or two.

    Just an idea that has probably been mentioned or posted about a hundred times.
    Thanks for reading-

  • helmets.

  • Good idea! Maybe something like each faction’s logos and maybe some taunts like “It is a good day…TO DIE!!!” or “I tire of mead, I thirst for blood!!!” you know, those good ones…

    Or maybe one with a vanguard helmet with “LMB LMB LMB LMB LMB LMB” under it in big letters.

    a girl’s shirt with “you smell like a woman”

    I could think of these all day… :lol:

    Maybe TB should hire me and i could design shirts all day instead of going to my current crappy job.

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