[Suggestion] Half bow/sling draw

  • Hello. Here is my new suggestion.

    When firing the sling or bow one can press the ALT key to only draw the bow back/sling the rock with half (approx) force. The point is to allow arrow/rock ‘raining’. So you can shoot your arrows in an arc and thereby shoot over walls and other obstacles and hit the enemies directly from above.

    I know this may not be the ‘realistic’ approach, but i think it was quite common (according Hollywood movies etc^^) to fire ranged weapons like that, instead of aiming directly at the enemy.

  • Well, yes, it was common from the ancient times. You had like 1000 archers that were shooting at like 1000 footmen in formation. But it kind of misses the point with 3 archers trying to hit a dozen idiots fooling around chaotically. The key is not in speed but in numbers and sync, thousands archers shooting at the same time can really blot out the sun. It’s really difficult to simulate that with your 2-3 friends who like to play archer.

  • Shooting en masse volleys in an arch is completely realistic and is exactly how archers were used.
    Drawing the string halfway however isn’t. Bows are always drawn to the same place.
    Also, you don’t fire a bow- there isn’t any fire involved, it’s not a firearm. You shoot a bow.

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