Can Ranks go down?

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    Was playing today and my rank went down 2 slots (14-12) is that apart of the game or is it a bug? i thought it was based on kills only and not k/d? i really liked this game cause u didnt need to worry about the k/d ratio unlike cod or bf3 i left those games cause there was too much pressure and i dont really want pressure on a game like this

  • I’m wondering the same thing. I reached rank 27 one day, and the next day I was back to rank 26.

  • Not intentionally, and honestly, I don’t know a single thing about why people are reporting them going down or suddenly losing over 50% of their rank. I believe the devs are aware.

  • Ranks should go down if you don’t play well. This way it would be more representative of a player’s skill. Currently a terrible player can still hit rank 40 if they play the game enough.

  • When i was r29 i entered some server and it showed like i was r19. It only stood like this for few seconds then went back to 29.

  • maybe its because you ranked up mid game? then left before the game was over idk

  • I have had loss of rank when I was in the 20’s range after being terrible of a whole day playing it went down a level, so from experience I would say yes, I had twice deaths vs kills every game that day. Had it happened twice now that I think about it, it was not the loss of rank bug I’m sure.

  • My rank dropped from 19 to 12 once but returned back to 19 the next game. I also frequently experience a bug where my rank will go up in one game but will go back down to what it was previously the next game, then back up again permanently on the third game and so forth. A bit annoying, really.

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