Fix patches vs. Mega patches

  • Last update, you starved us of any updates for a long period of time, and unleashed a mega patch to fix all the shitty exploits and bugs. But I wonder what life would be if you just fixed them as soon as you can? Because things like sound effect bugs, dueling game-type bugs, ghost animations, alt swing animations, anything you can think of (javelins… cough), they’re just ALWAYS there, in your face, running you down (and that BIRD SCREECH). Why wait if you have a fix? Can I get an explanation?

    Because honestly, mega patches are just fixing old bugs, and impregnating new ones at the same time, only slightly increasing the quality of life. If you fixed as you went along, I’d feel so much better about this game. Right now I just complain about the same things over and over again, knowing they aren’t getting fixed until the next megapatch. It’s very depressing.

    Am I wrong, and TB are on vacation? Is mega patches, which no one appreciates the only way available to you? Is it a marketing ploy? I just want to know, because it’s someone I complain with to my brother a lot (we discuss balance and things) about balance and TBs shitty mega patches, and knowing why would make me feel really good.

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