Another feinting rant.

  • TLDR: Nerf feinting.

    Why? It requires absolutely no skill at all and ruins a good duel. Realistically you cannot stop a warhammer in mid-swing, really the only viable weapons I can think of which would be able to feint would be daggers and short swords along with spears and the like.

    At the very least to balance feinting, it should have a much larger stamina cost the heavier the weapon and really shouldn’t even be doable on weapons such as the maul. Of course this is only my opinion and there already is a feinting thread but I wouldn’t go as far as some say to remove feinting but just nerf it for the heavier, bulkier weapons and possibly even disable it for ludicrously heavy ones. As an alternative an idea would be to reduce the window of opportunity where you can use a feint?

    That is all.

  • There are 11951280620 threads on this already, why do you make a new one? This one will be locked faster than you can say “feint”. :D

  • The problem with feinting is that, yes it can be heavily based on luck and if you feinted in real life, your enemy wouldn’t care because he would be dead. In games, we have chats and respawns (and heaps of raging).


    This one will be locked faster than you can say “feint”. :D

    huh? still not locked. :?

  • Feint: Chivalry’s “F” bomb

  • @Slaughtervomit:

    Feint: Chivalry’s “F” bomb

    Tell me about it! If I see someone feint against me, even if it doesn’t work on my I have an overwhelming urge to dismember every limb they have leaving them in their own pool of blood after thrusting my javelin right through them! :D Feinting is like breaking the code of honour in my books!

  • I really wish people would be more specific.

    Feinting in general is fine; there are only two things which are completely broken.

    1. Feint spam (i.e. where you feint-feint-feint until the opponent uses parry)

    2. 1-hander feints (they are too fast; they can’t be read).

    Feints with 2-handed weapons are perfectly reasonable. With practice you can distinguish between feints and real attacks. Fix issues 1) and 2) and feinting will be absolutely perfect.

  • If you want to talk about realism, you don’t start a feint during the swing. It’s during the windup up until the end of the windup where the weapon has 0 momentum.

  • Playing really aggressive and continually comboing with larger weapons even if it will not hit all of the time puts most feintabusers on the backfoot.

  • @Bloodhead:

    1. 1-hander feints (they are too fast; they can’t be read).

    And then they decide to use a shield aswell. :(

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