Is there a way to connect manually through ip?

  • The server browser is literally making me insane, and i was wondering if i can use another server client to connect to, or copy and paste the ip of the server and connect manually?

    I tried game, but that shit does not work.

  • If you know the IP, just open the console in game with the tilde key(~) and type open 69.323.848.4775:6000 (<–random IP)

    I still have to do this when joining a friend, if it gives me that not enough invite space error, even though there’s space. I just go to his profile, get the IP from the game he’s in via clicking the top right, where it says the game the person is playing, it tells you the IP and port, just copy it down and like I said, type open and paste IP in next to it and enter.

  • Yea i know that, its just that sometimes servers i want to play dont come up, and i dont know their ips…

  • You can test out viewtopic.php?f=69&t=10664

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    Is there a way to join PASSWORDED servers through the ‘open [ip adress here]’ command?
    It simply states an error that there is no password entered instead of going to a password enter screen.

    Anyway to add the password to the console command or something?
    I have a private server but for all my friends it does not show up 90% of the time, which is very annoying. The join ip and join through steam does not work when there is a password on the server.

    So anybody know how to join passworded servers outside of the server browser?

  • I am just guessing but seems you can create a URL on a webpage to join a server.

    So I assume it will prompt for the password that way.

  • So anybody know how to join passworded servers outside of the server browser?

    open IP:PORT?password=password

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