Team objective gamemode

  • To the point. Team objective is meant to be the core mode(“unique” as i guess i heard from the devs) but as it is now, it is completely linear => gets boring and makes me to look for another game mode after a few times playing same map .
    I see it more exciting if it would be resources (team deathmatch like) instead of timer + possibility for defenders to undo the obj done by attackers (push them back, take planks to the gate to fix it etc.), or objectives leading to the different scenario(choosing sections of the wall to attack, different siege machines).

    In a few words more diversity for that game mode, as it has great potencial.
    IMHO this is primary goal to achieve, because it will improve the gameplay a lot more than polishing game mechanics which are already great.

    ty for reading ^^

    PS I understand it shall take a lot of work mentioning mapping, coding, etc, etc
    but i think its worth it that’s why I’m writing this post

  • Its supposed to be linear. But it feels less so as its multiplayer an there are multiple ways of getting to where you want to go.

    Its different everytime you walk to the objectives.

  • I had a similar suggestions about adding a finite number of respawns in TO to make players more conservative of their lives rather than ramming their dead bodies at the objective target.

    As for the attacker/defender mechanic, the balance would be thrown off if the defenders could reverse the actions of the attacker, like push back the cart, repair the plank walls, repair the palisade, revive filthy peasants, repair the castle wall, spawn new trebuchets, etc. By game design of objective flow, the attacker side is always favored for push objectives. This creates a linear flow of the objectives. Also, because the attackers need to complete all objectives to win the game while the defenders only need to prevent one, it serves as team balance.

    I think the only way the your idea could be implemented would be for single objective maps, or at least where teams start equally distant from the initial immobile objective target(s).

  • I agree more modes and diversity would be nice. I guess that will come when the mod tools are released depending on how hard it is to make a map with those changes.

    Some things get reset like the pyre but obviously pushing back the cart would require balancing of the map.

    Attackers are not always favored for push - I would say the bomb cart succeeds 50% of the time on pub servers. Of course we want to get through the maps more often than not so as to see all the maps.

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