Enviromental damage suggestion.

  • When a vanguard charges into a spike wall. He does not die or take any damage. When a MAA dodges into a wall he does not die or take damage at all.

    But what if they died? This may be a new way to counter charge attacks. Not just by moving out of the way or blocking it. But trick them and let them go head on into the spikes.

    Some people may say it is useless for MAA. But I sometimes encounter a MAA who will dodge backwards when I execute my attack. This has happened to me before: When I dodge away from a attack (Backwards) I often forget there is a wall there then get killed by my enemy. But this is a NEW way to counter dodges. So try to push them to the range of the spikes. Start your attack, and they will sometimes dodge backwards.

    This WILL annoy some people. But certain people love to kick enemies off building, Into a pit, spikes, etc. But they will lose most of their stamina before they even fall into the pit. So this may be a new way to trick vanguards. And the first and only way to counter a dodge.

  • @Thatoneguy5314:

    And the first and only way to counter a dodge.

    That’s because a dodge isn’t an attack. It doesn’t do any damage, it’s just a quick leap in one of 4 directions.

    In any case I don’t think this would serve as something of use, more as a source of frustration, since any movement you make not due to your own movement keys is already counted towards the spikewall. This include flinches and parry backlash. If this idea is implented however, certaint KOTH maps will need alot of spike walls removed.

  • the spikes in the arena aren’t hostile, you can touch them and get over them but if someone pushes you they will kill you.

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