Dx9 Not Responding

  • I personally don’t have this problem, but my friend does. I’ve looked at lots of places, but most of the fixes are just for that specific person. What exactly happens is that my friend opens the game, it loads the picture that comes up, it opens a window with a black screen, and then crashes. The name of the window is 32-bit Dx9 not responding. I’ve put his DxDiag in the attachments. He’s tried the fix where you change the resolution, but it doesn’t work. Thanks for the help!

  • i installed the game in my sister’s computer, but can’tplay there because this same problem.

  • I’m assuming the crash is due to your computer being well below min spec.
    if you post your launch.log in my documents\my games\chivalry: medieval warfare, it might provide more details.

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