Decrease ping down 5%

  • I’ve been searching through a way to edit and optimize my computer for Chivalry pub play and found a certain registry edit that lowers latency by ~20 ticks.

    All this does is edit the TcpAckFrequency so it doesn’t do its acknowledgement process. This means that your computer doesn’t use .8 seconds acknowledging a packet, instead it skips the acknowledgement process, giving you ~.8 seconds better ping. If it does cause some kind of connection problem for you (Mainly increasing ping, which is bad), you can easily remove the edited registry by deleting it and rebooting your comp.

    This doesn’t/shouldn’t cause any firmware damage or hardware damage. Its not a drastic change other than allow for faster packet retrieval.

    P.S. Please correct me if I am wrong in anything. I don’t want to convey incorrect information.

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