A special recorder for chivalry.

  • My idea was that someone would create a recorder that would let you press tab at any time during the video to see the scoreboard. Then i thought "if that was possible why not make a recorder that allows you to later see the game in spectator mode. Just think about it, say one guy just always manages to flank you. After the game, you take out the recording and follow that guy around and see how he does it.
    I realize this is never going to happen due to, well, everything, but i’m just saying this on the off chance that this can be implemented in some other, better, way.

  • If you want recordings for a gameplay video, it would be better to have a couple of players in spectator mode and capture gameplay with their preferred capture software.

    If you want to study a player, at any time during a game you can go into spectator mode. Now you are free to follow him/her around, and learn his/her methods. No need to record that. Sure, it won’t be you defending, but you’ll get an idea, and maybe learn even more if your tormentor is fighting someone more experienced.

  • I was just giving examples. It would be awesome to go over a competitive match from anywhere i want.
    Well, i guess you are right.

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    Something like this? I 100% agree something like this would be pretty neat… Esepecially if they had their own editing tools as well!

  • I’m not sure. I have no idea what you meant in your post :)

  • Something like the Battlerecorder in BF2 or the demo recorder in the Source Engine would be awesome! :D

    But I guess it’s kinda hard to implement…

  • The Unreal Engine does have a built-in “demorec” feature. Think it needs proper implementation though.

  • One day I’d like to see a PLDX recorder for Chivalry. Kind of like the one version for TF2 they had where you can add in after effects during the editing stage and add weapon effects such as sparks or better quality bloodspray.

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