BSOD stop code 124

  • i’m fully aware that this BSOD error code is usually hardware related but something really suspicious has happened.

    i’ve been having this BSOD lately. i checked all my hardware and my temperatures alright. i really tried everything to fix the issue from reinstalling windows, updating every possible driver, submitting the issue on legit support forums with my dump files and nothing seemed to help. strangely enough the last BSOD i had happened about 3 weeks ago, around THE SAME TIME as i stopped playing Chivalry.

    Today i started Chivalry again and i got the BSOD after 20 minutes of play time. Logically this made me think the error isnt related to my hardware so much, but the game engine triggering something that causes my PC to register a hardware failure.

    since i stopped playing chivalry i played many hours in games like, War Thunder, The war Z, day z (ArmA), GTA 4, Terraria and planetside 2 all without BSOD errors.

    i would appreciate any help you can offer me, and of course i hope the devs will consider this :)
    if you need more information just ask.

    my specs:
    CPU: intel core i7 930 @ 3.2 Ghz (OC) yes i know the overclock could cause this however it has been running stable for 3 years. i even reevaluated the settings after the BSOD so i dont suppose this is the issue.

    GPU: ATI Radeon 5850 1 GB (1680x1050, catalyst 13.1)
    RAM: 12 GB kingston 1333
    MOBO: ASrock x58 Extreme

  • i just had another BSOD playing Chivarly. the second one today after 3 weeks of stable PC.

  • bump :)

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