Vanguards, do you use charge?

  • @gregcau:


    It’s the same for all weapons. Only attack1/slash will initiate a sprint attack.

    well gees thats good to know

    You were partly correct though because when the game was released, every attack initiated a sprint attack. It only became attack1/slash in a patch shortly after because lots of people said they didn’t want to always sprint attack, which is a valid argument.

  • Its also possible to slash without stop running, do to this you have to start a overhead or stab while running, then feint and then do your slash.

  • Just use alt swing (mapped to one of your side mouse buttons) if you specifically want to swing.

  • Rarily to absolutely never. The only target I use it frequently on is a crossbow reloading archer. Any other time the charge is just a hinderance rather than something usefull

  • I thought I was using charge attack with my overhead attack on the bardiche but I guess not. From what people have said in this post you can only use the primary slash and that makes you stab with the bardiche which is its weakest attack….

  • Landing a charge attack feels amazing, but the risk is too high and almost never worth it.

    I think it needs a graphical change like having the body impaled on your poleaxe/spear and then flinging it away.

  • It’s useful with some spears and poleaxes as they are the only weapons getting a real damage benefit from it, especially against archers.

    On swords is useless, a normal overhead will do the same or more damage.

  • @c4ndlejack:

    Landing a charge attack feels amazing, but the risk is too high and almost never worth it.

    I think it needs a graphical change like having the body impaled on your poleaxe/spear and then flinging it away.

    Would be badass lol

  • Don’t use it against an MAA. Use it if you’re wielding a sword, never with anything else and only if you’re setting someone up for a teammate. It is useful in that it dazes someone if they parry it, allowing your teammate a free hit/flank/runby to the objective.

    That’s about it, really. Use it situationally to stun someone or use it to leap off ledges downwards for much reduced fall damage.

  • ONLY and I repeat ONLY if your target is not facing you (= go for a badass killsteal). Also 2H swords charge is ridiculus. When I use it I never manage to hit someone besides friendlies, if some enemy use it they manage to turn while in air having something like 240° arch sprint attack.

  • I agree with all the ‘Only for reloading archers’ statements. The only situation where it is useful.

    The main problem I have is not that it is so easy to side step, but that it actually has so much less range than a normal stab. You jump forward charging but for some reason just sprinting and stabbing has much more range. The biggest frustration with the charge attack for me and the reason I don’t use it.
    When it does hit you were so close you don’t need it sinc eother attacks are more useful, if it doesn’t hit they get a free hit on you (and most of the time two) and other attacks would probably have hit that target.

  • I use to be annoyed how I could not sprint, then do a LMB. Like that really gave me the annoyance. Now though, with the alternative strikes. I’ll charge in use ALT - Slash which I bound to my Mouse. Meaning, you can dish out more damage, with more combos…. and that mobility is key. As soon as you stagnate, they will flock to you.

  • I Only use it for shits n giggles because too often i have gone to attack a stationary archer who has his back turned and i’ll miss….
    Why do i miss?
    I miss because the ground isn’t flat so i fall short and my hit falls short, but my giant “HHUNNNGGGHHH!!!” Noise alerts the archer that he is being attacks and he spins around and i get a arrow/bolt between the eyes…
    I miss because the ground isn’t flat (i’m charging down a hill this time) and i LEAP !!! HEROICALLY over the archers head “HHUNNNGGGHHH!!!”, only to be shot in the back of the head…
    I’d use it more if the leap distance was more predictable and small logs, pebbles, and rocks didn’t stop the leap’s full travel.

  • If I made this topic a poll I think everybody would have voted no :-).

    Thanks for your answers everybody!

  • No, it’s annoying and crap.

  • I’m not positive but it sometimes appear that if a charge pushes the blocking character into a nearby wall then the Vanguard might be able to recover quicker for a free and possibly even unblockable attack. In any other case I use it sparingly although when used judiciously it is certainly an effective manoeuvre, for example when someone on the left or right thinks you won’t suddenly charge towards them.

  • I don’t use it very often….certainly not on aware players. I might occasionally sprint attack another sprint attacking vanguard head-on for the laughs. The best timing usually wins those. :P

    If I’m using the Zweihander then there is no point anyway as there’s no damage bonus.

  • I’ll do it on those not looking or those that can’t possibly block like any archer stupid enough to not swap to his secondary or someone already getting attacked.

    If I have a sword I also use I against large groups of enemy’s.

    I managed to make myself fall through he ground ages ago. I feinted in the middle of a charged and my character froze with no weapons but I could slide him across the ground. My opponent was very happy with that. I could never reproduce it though.

  • Not often. But I like to do it to the archers. :D

  • Charge should be unparry-able.

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