DAG 8v8 TO and Duel Tournament Last Day in @ 6 EST TODAY

  • At 6 PM EST the 8v8 TO tournament that started yesterday will turn its sights on Stoneshill as four teams remain. You may view the bracket @ http://challonge.com/8v8TO1

    8v8 TO:1 Semi Final 1: Legion vs Vanquish check-in at 6 PM EST
    Legion is coming off of their first tournament win and looking to build off of that momentum. After building a more solid player base they are looking to prove they can handle top teams. Speaking of top teams, Vanquish needs no introduction. A long time AoC powerhouse that has set its sights on Chivalry has made it to the finals of both tournaments they’ve participated in so far, taking one and narrowly losing the other to Kvii. 8v8 TO is a more preferable format for their remarkable depth and cooridination. Will Legion’s new line-up be too much for Vanquish to handle or will the veterans advance to the finals once again proving their dedication and skill?

    8v8 TO:1 Semi Final 2: BF1 and Friends vs Interitus check-in at 7 PM EST
    A first time entrant into this tourny, BF1 and Friends are just that: BF1 and Friends. Comprised of members from wK, Park Rangers, BF1, and other unaffiliated individuals, these skilled players have united under one banner and are showing just how quickly skilled warriors can mesh together to create a beautiful symphony of screams and blood gurgling. Interitus, having just felled favorites Kvii, can see the Finals within reach and will do whatever they can to taste victory. Having come close to tournament wins in the past two contests this band of fierce fighters won’t put up with anyone standing in their way. Will BF1 and Friends pull together and claim their spot in the finals or will Interitus put themselves one step closer.

    Duel Tournament Finals check-in at 8 PM EST
    After narrowing down the field of duelists in some already epic struggles, 8 men remain:
    Vq.| DoomyDoom will strive to be the doomy doom of his opponents. A keen knight ready to strike down any opposition on the battlefield, he is Vanquish’s sole representative in the finals and will hope to do his brethren proud.
    [GIA] Hodgiebeats struck the second blow in securing his spot in the finals. Usually a sword of war user, Hodgie can also utilize setups like the grand mace in a pinch to shake things up. He’s GIA’s first representative and, if he has his way, will be their champion this tournament as well.
    Lg | Krull was the next duelist to secure his spot in the fray. Able to field multiple setups from the vanguard to the knight, he will seek to use whatever is necessary to mow down his enemies like he did in the qualifiers. Look for him to be the only vanguard come Sunday.
    Lg | chrisomatic is the other Legion representative and is the only man-at-arms to make it past the qualifiers. Will his rapid darting around the arena prove the downfall of his competitors?
    -Kvii- Oppressor is the first of Monday’s qualifier entrants to make it through. A knight who was heralded by his team as the MVP of their recent 5v5 TO Championship bout will hope to translate that ferocity into a 1v1 victory for Kvii as their only representative.
    int | bada, after missing his original qualifier, was able to take the place of a no-show and this time he showed up in style. His sword of war decimated the field and will look to do the same come Sunday.
    int | Searious also made a splash as Interitus’s second representative with decisive victories over his field of opponents. He will seek to outdo not only his clan leader in the Finals, but every other foe that stands between him and victory.
    [GIA] Xecyc round out the list as GIA’s last competitor. Yet another knight on the field, Xecyc is an extremely skilled combatant whose sword will attempt to prove the ruin of many more.
    You may view the bracket @ http://challonge.com/DAGDuel1

    8v8 TO:1 Final: TBD vs TBD check-in at 9 PM EST
    It will all come down to this moment, to see who will take the very first 8v8 TO tournament in the NA scene. The Finals will be held on Dark Forest and no matter the matchup, it will be an exciting bout.

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