CTF Improvements / Tourneys

  • First off, Torn Banner, thanks for this awesome game. Chivalry is definitely one of the best games I’ve played in a very long time.

    My first suggestion is to improve the CTF game mode. The biggest problem is that you don’t know when your flag has been taken. I feel this could be solved by having custom maps for CTF like duel mode does. Say there’s a map that has a fort for each team and a battle-scarred field in the middle. Whenever the flag is taken from the teams fort, have a horn or something sound off and a man yelling that the flag has been taken. That way it’s not like you have an obtrusive message popping up on your screen, but you get informed and have to keep an ear open for it which also adds immersion IMO.

    Tournaments. I am not familiar with tournaments/structured gaming at all so this suggestion may not make any sense or work. I’m a rank 38 and I still love the game but I’m looking for more competitive/structured play to further improve my skills. I know I could join a clan and play games against other clans, but I was thinking of something more accessible to everyone. Maybe you guys could host 2v2, 3v3, or 5v5 tournaments. That way anyone could join up if they have a few other friends who are interested. Maybe have a news feed on the Title Page informing everyone of it and maybe have rewards like name flair, special vet helmets, or something.

  • Great idea for the CTF gamemode.

    I think you’ll really like this forum.

  • Great idea, I am all for more information to the player as long as it stays immersive.

  • I was thinking maybe we could have a gong bang off, or some war drums when the flag has been taken, nothing too crazy like in halo where a guy says “Flag has been taken”.

  • I think that some voice over would be great for notifying the team when the flag has been taken or captured. I would especially like a notification when the flag is captured, i.e. “Our flag has been captured again!” I will sometimes lose track of the score because the only notification is a little chat message, and I don’t like having to pop open the score screen to know what’s going on.

    The only problem I see with notifying the team when a flag is picked up/dropped is that flags can change hands relatively quickly at times and you end up with either voices cutting each other off, over lapping, or just getting really behind what is actually happening. I think that, as Germafias suggested, a couple of distinctive sounds indicating friendly/enemy flag pickup/drop would be helpful.

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