No servers in server list

  • Before the update everything was working fine, But after my server list will simply not populate, I have tried the other fixes with no luck.

  • bump

  • I have the same problem, along with 3 of my friends. My only solution has been to exit Chivalry and start over again, but it seems to only be a temporary fix.

  • I deleted my config file in the chiv folder and that fixed it for me.

  • i posted about this recently but here is what i found.

    After further investigating, when i start the game via desktop shortcut it does not see the steam link but when i join a friend or launch it directly from steam library it shows the server list.

    So until they fix this issue try these steps.

    1. Launch via in Steam or Steam library.
    2. Join a friend via steams friends list. If it does not join directly it should take you to the main screen and just view server list.

    Hope this helps for people having the same issue i am having.

    ***I also have a 30 man server if anyone would like to play on it, we have a nice rotation of game play modes and maps. Server name is " [RP]Pimpin Medieval Wenches. " ***

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