I shot a knight's foot.

  • And he was using a tower shield. How did I do it?

    I waited for his foot to pop out and I shot it. I’m not sure if this is a bug or not, but I felt horrible after doing it because it wasn’t really supposed to happen. So why’d I do it? Because fuck it that’s why.

    Oh, and it was with a longbow.

  • Shields only block their physical size (well, should, they block slightly larger right now). You can shoot a Knight in the foot/lower leg if they’re standing.

  • Do you mean it clipped THROUGH his shield and you shot it? Or you shot his foot UNDER the shield.

    If it was under, nothing wrong with that. Kinda the right tactic to use…

  • When I was practicing archer I would do that all the time. Knights think they’re safe behind the huge shield and then they get an arrow in their toe. And they figure it was just a fluke, then they get another one and possibly another one if they haven’t decided to drop the shield and just sprint zigzag =p

    Not a bug at all, it’s quite the opposite. The number of times I’ve seen an arrow sticking into nothing (most notably with kite shield) because the inviso-shield at the bottom blocked the arrow is staggering.

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