Several Bugs

  • Bug the first:
    After consuming all your stamina through any means, then attacking a player who blocks, the blocker gets knocked back and dazed as if out of stamina themselves, allowing a free hit with a one-handed weapon.

    Steps to reproduce: (Reliability - 10/10 tries)
    1. Flail about with your weapon of choice until all stamina is gone
    2. Without interspersing another action, attack an opponent who blocks
    3. Miss another strike
    4. Attack the blocking opponent again

    Notes: Repeat ad infinitum, the blocker will continue to be staggered. I have found that between draining your stamina and attacking, a miss must occur. So draining your stamina, then parrying (even if no attack comes), then attacking will not result in a blocker stun.

    Bug the second:
    Notes: Alt swing with fists has a bit of a wonky hitbox OR a specific area near one of the trees on Battlegrounds distorts hitboxes significantly, further testing is required, but other attacks were hitting as normal in the same position. When I get back home I will edit this section to provide a screenshot or video of the area in question.

    Alternate swinging with fists sometimes swings right through other player models.

    Steps to reproduce: (Reliability - 3/5 tries)
    1. Place yourself slightly above other player
    2. Attempt to alt swing with fists around the neck and chest area
    3. Overhead for comparison if attack swung through other player

    Bug the third:
    It is possible to initiate a combo attack with less stamina remaining than otherwise required to iniate an attack.

    Steps to reproduce:
    1. Flail about with your weapon until you are at very low stamina
    2. Attempt to combo two attacks

    Notes: Always works if there is slightly more stamina remaining than is required for one attack, but it seems possible to combo when there is no stamina remaining after the initial swing as well. I believe this is related to when the stamina is drained, which is after the point when you can initiate a combo attack, thus using the stamina that should be reserved for the first swing and applying it to start a combo attack.

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