More gravity-based damage

  • I don’t know if it would be great but I think that there should be a damage bonus if you jump and land doing an overhead, because of the momentum. Same thing would go if you drop on someone’s head, or if you jump out of a window to hit someone… Any way, it would make sense I guess. Thanks to you if you thought it was a good idea :)

  • Although it would be nice, I think it may be hard to implement.

    Also, people are often pushing for “realism” in games, but remember often realism is not so compatible with good gameplay.

  • Yes. But only because reverse jumping overheads.

  • I see your point. I went on another topic, someone was complaining, saying that you could stab while moving backwards and it would still do the same amount of damage, he wanted momentum to be realist… I don’t think that’s a good idea, it’s true. Too much realism would indeed be boring. My idea was less extreme, and it would be an excuse for people to jump around everywhere, I think it could be fun. In duel mode, in the map with the elevator (don’t remember the name), I sometimes fell on people’s heads from a great distance, and I thought “oh, a stun damage would be nice in that case!”
    Anyway, if it’s to hard to implement, no big deal. It’s only a minor change, and the game is really fine as it is.

  • but then damage for attacking from downside should have increased damage too (sharp) because your weight helps.

  • Probably the main problem is that Chivalry is balanced in a way where you know exactly how much damage a hit does to an opponent, anytime. Weapon X will always deal Y damage with attack A to class Z when hit in the torso/head/feet. There are only these four modifiers and you can actually learn them and rely on them. The whole game is balanced around that fact.

    Imagine a maul or a bardiche gaining momentum and thus damage from running towards the enemy, running at archers would be even more dangerous because their arrows gain more force if you run into them, Men at Arms would get insane damage buffs due to their mobility (run into enemy while attacking), the Vanguard charge, hardly dealing any damage to an enemy that runs away etc…

    Maybe you see how much it would screw this game over. Yes, it works fine in other games like Mount and Blade, but Chivalry just has a different design where those kind of modificators don’t belong.

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