[Recruiting] Shadow Core Gaming Multi-Gaming Community

  • Welcome to Shadow Core Gaming Where We Put The Pro In Professional. We Are A Tactical Multi Gaming Community That Was Founded December 2012. All Founding Members of {SCG} Are Veterans Of All Types Of Games Whether It Be FPS,TPS, Or RPG. Also The Founding Members Have Had Military Training In Real Life Or Realism Units. New Members Will Be Put Through Basic Combat Training So When Being Tactical Is Needed You Will Know How To Proceed. We Are Always Looking For New People To Add To Our Ranks, So If You Are Interested In Joining Please Fill Out An Application on our website and we will get back to you within 24 hours. Also if you would like to see how we play before applying feel free to hop in our teamspeak3 or watch some of our Youtube videos.

    TS3 Info: scg.teamspeak3.com
    EMAIL: ShadowCoreGaming@gmail.com
    Youtube Channel: shadowcoregaming187
    Website: www.shadowcoregaming.com
    *No age Requirement as long as you act mature when the situation requires.
    *Must be able to follow orders given by superiors
    *Must have working Microphone/headset
    *Must be able to take a joke
    *We usually play games such as ArmaII(and its many mods), Crysis 3, War Thunder, Minecraft, Guild Wars II, World of Warcraft, Chivalry, And many more.

    -1st Lieutenant Gangster Gibbs

  • Where in the world is your clan in?

  • We are from the USA, scattered in all time zones. but we do accept anyone as long as you are able to speak english half decently

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