Windup Delay?

  • So I’ve been noticing this on many servers for a while now, and no one has picked up on it, I don’t know if it’s the servers problem or the game itself, however, sometimes when someone is attacking me with a 2H weapon their windup would sometimes last for 2-3 seconds long, stood still, then it would go on and follow through. :?

    This happened to me today on a good server with 16 ping, and it wasn’t lagging at all, is this the servers fault or the game itself?

  • Happens to me routinely, just yesterday I was killed by a spear with almost 1 sec windup. AFAIK its a “lost feint”, i.e. the attacker feints but the information is somehow lost. There is no attack though, so the game prolongs the windup. And no, it’s not the “ghost swings” attributed to the last patch, I experienced this long before that.

    Can you tell me, if it happened to you on an official server or somewhere else?

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