Suggestion for Overtime in Hillside

  • Hi Developers and the like…
    In Team O. Hillside:

    If the Prye is lit and burning while the time is about to expire, I think that it should go into overtime until the defending puts it out, it’ll extend the game and put a sense of urgency on both teams. If it’s extinguished in overtime then the game should end but while lit it should carry into the next round if the defense is unsuccessful.

    Team O. Citadel:

    The last round where you kill the king, that section of the map is far to small and killing the King is quite easy, it should be much larger like the kill the king round in Stonehill.

    Just my opinion thanks for listening. Keep up the great work!

    San Francisco , CA

  • They did mention something about overtime for hillside with the pyre. But I don’t know the details.

    And they are doing lots of improvements for citadel. That map has changed tons since the beta. The old king problem was with the doors. The agathians would break down the doors and rush in instantly the king would spawn but the masons wouldn’t be there to defend. That why there is a pause for the doors before they fall down. So they can get organised.

    If malric stays by the throne and his team is not stupid the masons can win. We won as the masons for 8 and a Half minutes. Archers are very useful of the stairs. Javelins and slings especially.

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