Jav bugs

  • Javs can’t be thrown if resupplied from zero and his warcry only works some of the time.

    Also the Knight does the archer warning voice command (z4) instead of the objective voice command (z5), but I guess you still need to record his lines.

    Other than that and bugs thats have already been mentioned, it’s working perfectly and I’m loving every second.

  • Voices are still a WIP. I believe the javelineer lacks a warcry with his javelin out because the javelin lacks a warcry animation still.

  • Yeah, it works with his sidearm equipped.

    Also, sometimes I’m unable to aim my javelin along the horizontal axis. So I all I can do is aim up, down and strafe side to side. Yet other times I have freedom of movement with the crosshairs. Which method is the correct one and which the bug? I can appreciate limiting the javelin aim to counter it’s power but having the restriction turned on and off randomly is getting a bit jarring.

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