Server Browser - Developers Attn!

  • Great game being destroyed by the most broken server browser I have ever seen.

    Developers, I have a simple suggestion. You guys have made a decent amount of money and you are looking for some new people to hire to help you develop this great game. You guys need to hire the guy behind “Dayz Commander.” That dude seems to be needing some work. Throw some money at him and have him fix your browser issues, please! I don’t see anything - whether it be balance issues, lack of content, etc. - holding back this game as much as the broken server browser.

  • Torn Banner is looking to hire programmers, if he’s willing to re-locate to Toronto, Canada then tell him to apply at

    The devs are looking into the issues with the server browser at the moment.

  • Oh cool relocating to where I am :-)

    Pity I am a java guy (and wrong industry).

    Still be nice to drop by and fix something for free haha.

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