Alternative swings

  • How do you guys feel about them?

    I think that they need to be reworked a little. They are much quicker than they need to be, and should be set to the same speed as the lmb slash. The speed makes it feel like you need to use it over a regular Lmb slash. Along with the added advantage of your enemies expecting a swing at their left it makes the move too powerful.

    Animation concerns:
    I primarily use the flanged mace and had problems with the animation showing the lmb slash instead of the alternative attack. This is only after a single lmb slash and then following with a single alt slash. I have had a few people tell me they are not seeing what I am. This is somewhat rare and I don’t think it is related to lag, I primarily play on servers that are below 60 ping for for me. I am not sure if this happens with all weapons.

  • They are not really quicker. They just seem to be during the wind up because of 2 things:

    1. The timing is the same while the distance the weapon overcomes during the windup is much longer (i.e. the movement during the windup is quicker while the swing is the same).

    2. They go through positions that resemble very much the basic attacks (especially alt-overhead) but from this, they continue to their own position, so there is a very little feint-like element due to which I have managed to kill quite a few people as of now.

  • There is already a thread about alternate swings. Check it here:

    Check the videos. You’ll see that while both normal and alternate swings take the same time to complete, the alternate will reach the apex (aligning with your crosshair) quicker than the regular.

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