Stamina as class balance

  • In my experience the vanguard is the weakest class for duels and organized play but it does a good job in chaotic environments such as FFA games because of high damage/reach. Either their charge ability should be buffed (because now it’s essentially a very loud backstab attack) or giving it something over the knight which has similar advantages but also more durability.

    How to make it better in one game type but not too good in the other? I think the answer is reducing the stamina of knights. Then the vanguard can fight knights by using an aggressive style. Just giving vanguards more stamina could also be an option making them stand up better to MAA too.

  • I don’t know what is the dev’s opinion on that, but players have been saying that many times before: class balancing should not be made with duels in mind. Duels do not represent the whole of the game. Vanguards do just fine in organized plays, as they are often in the top ranks of a team. Their charge ability is good as it is, and is one of the tools of the vanguard class, as is the range of their 2 handers. The knight doesn’t have better reach than the vanguard, and their higher HP is compensated by their reduced mobility. Reducing the stamina of knights or increasing that of vanguards would be unbalancing. There’s already a balancing of stamina usage, so there’s no need to change the amount for each class.

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