[MECH] Dueling sprinting vanguards

  • I would like to hear some hints on how to defeat a sprinting Vanguard equipped with a long reach weapon, as a Knight. If you have played for more than a week you must surely have encountered this strategy in duels and 1v1 fights in open areas.

    The tactic basically consists in the VG running circles with sprint toggled on then stabbing you at max distance (or slashing when using a Zwei-h), then start running again. The problem with this maneuver is that it is scarcely punishable by a knight. Even if you parry or dodge the stab (which he can also feint) there is still too much distance between you so that the VG can just resume sprinting and keep doing that at his leisure.

    If you try to run after the VG he’s still faster and can keep his distance no problem, plus he will probably be using third person perspective so he always knows where you are and when to stop running and try a stab. For now the only thing I came up with is to equip a shield and hope to parry right since while he s doing it he can’t kick you without putting himself at a risk, but still this never gives me the initiative as knight.

    Knights can use this strat to some extent, but they’re less dangerous due to having less speed and reach.

    How do you deal with that other than waiting for the guy to make an obvious mistake?

  • That´s a very powerful strategy. Tough to deal with. I myself whenever I saw a VG do this just ran straight at him and hit him. You can´t let him run around and make you WATCH him! That´s what I learned. He wants you to watch him and then surprise you with a slash. So I just run towards him and attack him. Works 50%

  • Don’t play his game - try moving away from him when he does that. He’ll have to change his strategy.
    Maybe even running away from him and throwing axes/knives at him (if you’re skilled with them) so he’ll have to get closer.

    Also, a faster secondary might make punishing him easier (although range will become more of an issue).

  • As a knight, I always use the sword of war, norse sword and tower shield as my main loadout. If I saw a VG sprinting towards me, there’s two things I can do, I can brace myself and raise my shield towards him and block his sprint attack or I can run around him while his running in straight path and when he lunges with his attack it’ll make an opening for me to stab or slash him in his side. My only plan for dueling the VG is to go toe-to-toe with him, use my shield wisely, use a faster weapon like the norse sword and take the fight close because even though I’m a knight my weapon are still faster than his and I’ll continue to stab/slash him just before he can wind-up for an attack and normally it takes 2 to 3 hits to take down a VG. I can take down two VG at once by playing passive and defensive. I use to play VG all of the time so I know their weakness and strength.

  • The worst thing you can do is sit there and block.

    Just run after him with your trigger finger on RMB, looking for his insta-turn around attack. Then, parry it and attack back instantly, always sprinting. He can’t run faster than you.
    If you are not sprinting, you will get knocked back/stopped, meaning you can’t catch up. Always sprint.

  • There are two things to do:

    1. When he moves towards you with his windup, sprint at him and parry his blow. Your momentum will carry you forward well within striking range. From here you have several options. 1 you can attack/feint/attack and that will usually land a hit. Repeat this. OR you can hold your attack off and if he starts sprinting away from you, stab him. If he doesn’t start sprint, engage like you would anyone else.

    2. If you have trouble doing a momentum parry, instead of chasing him Intercept him. You don’t have to be faster to intercept. Intercept does not mean run straight at him, you have to extrapolate his path based on his current vector and move towards the spot where you will be able to meet him. So his vanguard sprint serves you…

    This is the key to easily taking down a hit and run sprinting opponent. You must intercept. Do not play their game of chase, you won’t catch them and they expect you to do it. Use their sprinting against them. Once you learn how to do this effectively you’ll find the hit-and-run strategy a poor choice and easily defeated.

  • Yeah my tactic against running vanguards is to run towards them, then sidestep=>alt slash with my Messer. It seems to have a surprising success rate. After that typically the vanguard will change tactics and just come at you. If they repeat the running thing, just repeat the sidestep-slash.

  • a lot of people tend to get flustered when any class runs straight for you or goes around you and such. Really all you need to do is just keep an eye on them, any class can do this after all, it’s actually a very popular MAA tactic to circle opponents and drag their weapons around you back and forth, whilst also dodge attacking after each attack.

    With Vanguards that do this tactic, watch whether they do an overhand or slash, a lot of them tend to slash to have more of a drag arc to use… and I LOVE to duck vanguards overand over whilst counter attacking while down. Ducking against vanguards is so effective because a lot of them use LMB pretty heavily, just make sure you don’t try to duck an overhand lol.

    All else, just watch them and move backward if they get a little too close, and then just go on your own offensive. As others will say, being aggressive is never a bad thing in this game, it’s all about controlled aggression though, so pick your moment, but once you go on the aggressive against them, even if they want to circle ya, they will have to stop what they are doing to defend against you so their plan will be foiled.

  • Hmm…
    The thing I always do as Knight if I fight Vanguards like that, is either

    1. Block it, then strike, but that rarely works.
    2. Footwork. Dodge his strike, move in for yours. Works usually.
    3. Anticipate where he will go. If he goes in circles, intercept him and then strike, if you get him close, he should be a goner 8-)
      I don’t main knight, so don’t take this as 100% true, but I think it works pretty good :)
      Hope it helps.

  • It all depends on the style the Vanguard plays at. He can either slash you run away, then immediately turn back at you as you charge towards…which at this point you should just stay still and force him to fight you head on. However, the way I use my Vanguard is that I out-run and out-maneuver every class and combo them until they die. The only players I’ve seen that are able to combat this tactic are usually the top in the server, and what they usually do is wait for me to make the slightest turn and immediately stab at me. This will stun me and pave the way for a follow-up shot (combo if you will) and take me down. Good luck.

  • People have been calling the vanguard hit-and-run style “dancing” or “that kiting shit.” Let him disengage. You can stay put, backpedal, or follow as long as you maintain a healthy distance. Remember he can’t see you and doesn’t know his own range until he turns around, but you do. When he attacks, use footwork/timing/duck/leanback/whatever to achieve the offensive initiative, and keep it as long as you can with combos, feints, rhythm manipulation, etc. He most likely needs a parry or a missed swing from you to give him the opening to resume dancing. If he does (and he probably will) rinse and repeat. He can’t regen health/stam while sprinting away, but you can if you stay put or walk slowly after him.

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