1 hour play test feedback.

  • My initial experience was positive when starting game. I went to training first and was impressed by the help in getting aquainted with combat mechanics.

    My second experience was the crashing when leaving game, it hangs up on the load screen and game needs to be restarted.

    The server screen and filter seems fine.

    The game modes are pretty typical. The tdm and dm and ctf types, which do not really offer much in the way of adding anything new to the genre (DM is a terrible on all games! ;). The team objective gametype which really sets this apart from other games is very cool and I would like to see this added onto and expanded on, perhaps one other similar gametype too. Is seige coming?. Maybe a co-op game mode would be very cool. It would make having a good time with friends much easier! Creating a co-op game with up to 8 friends joining, setting the game to defend the fort (Enemy AI waves), or Campaign mode (small story driven missions for your pals), etc. The reason I mention this is that typical public server gametypes seem to just replicate the call of duty style play, regardless if you are playing with friends or not.

    Graphics were fine, maps were quite decent too. Animation was fine yet a little jerky and funky at times (could have been the lag though). It seemed that some attacks were lighning fast and things should be slowed down a little so you can see fluid animation moves and this would also keep the fights a little longer?

    The spawning is quite elementary and as usual, everyone selects the kits they feel has the best advantage, spawns at start of round and just runs in towards the battle to try and get the most kills, kinda rambo style. It would be nice to see some squad spawning added (I found it real hard to go into battle with my friend), kit limits might work to even out the balancing, maybe slightly larger (but narrower) maps with to give teams a chance to work together in tdm?

    Regarding the combat system, I found it fun, yet a little clunky. I would prefer if the LMB pulled your swing, and releasing the button released the swing, otherwise it feels a little spammy and not so sophisticated as you want to prepare your swing before stepping into the frey, but instead have to do everything in the same movement/time, doesnt feel nice for me personally. I really would like to see this improved over time, but I know it is unlikely the guys will rework the combat system just for me :) especially as the stab and overhead comes from mouse wheel (perhaps this could be left alone and just the swing reworked?

    The bow and arrow was quite difficult to use and felt a little underpowered/slow firing/weak hitpoints/etc, but I probably need to play it more to elaborate.

    This is my first post, I will add more to this post after playing some more. I am sorry if I misunderstood something or was not playing correctly.

    Good job Devs! I hope we can help to improve this already awesome title.

  • the thing you said about spamming swings, i dont really understand. the reason i love chiv is because there really is no spamming, unless your 1h and inside them.

  • The load screen hanging after disconnect is a known issue which will be fixed soon. For now you can exit the load screen by opening the console ( key by default, or scroll lock if doesn’t work), typing disconnect and then pressing enter. You won’t be able to see the console because the loading screen covers it, but it’s still there.

    Anyway, always good to see player feedback - and personally I agree that objective mode is the best thing about Chivalry, somewhat sad to see it’s the TDM/FFA/LTS servers that are reaching capacity first. A co-op game type of some kind would be cool to see but obviously the current bots will need a lot of work before their AI can handle it.

    I feel that a squad style spawning system, while interesting, wouldn’t really fit in Chivalry. Something I think you’ll really come to appreciate about the game is the fact that your spawn time is very short, but your time to get to the battle is quite a bit longer, so you spend more time actively engaged in the game even if all you’re doing is sprinting towards the battle. Because generally speaking, waiting to respawn is less fun than charging around screaming a battlecry, and maybe getting a chance to slice up an enemy who thinks he’s being sneaky going behind your team. With a squad spawning system the respawns would have to be much longer because being able to get right back into the fight too quickly would make it very easy for the defending team - and I haven’t really noticed players failing to group up around objectives too much so far for squads to add much anyway.

  • Sorry, I do not mean to say spamming as in continuous button bashing like other similar titles, more as in spamming like an uncontrolled attack. I really just click the attack button without much thought, currently. For one, I dont get much time to think, socondly one click equals one attack. Holding button to prepare swing and releasing button to swing would avoid this. Sorry if I was not very clear. And this is just my thoughts, I am sure others have conflicting preferences also.

  • @slygoat: I have not yet seen the level of AI for bots, but they would not need to be so smart for co-op, just waypoints, etc. If the campaign was for players to attack a castle, the bots would just need to sit and camp really, maybe operate a trebuchet :). Maybe I am wrong but I would not care too much if they were a little naive. It would give me a fighting chance at least!

    About the squad spawning, I guess you are right it does not fit chivalry so much, although I do not agree with the short respawn times as it promotes rambos, also it makes it frustratingly hard to gain ground as there is a constant inflow of single units. Perhaps spawing waves is the way forward? Again this does not apply so much to “objective mode” as players tend to group up more, but it applies more to the typical gametypes tdm ,etc.

  • For most people, TDM is just about getting in there and killing as many people as possible, with teamwork or not. I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing. The team that gets organized will usually win unless the other team has astonishingly better players - and once the losing team realizes they’re losing from lack of teamwork they tend to stick together more. But if people just want to all rambo style, they should feel free to.

    Last Team Standing is a much more organized mode because your team spawns together in a single wave and you only get one life - it forces the kind of teamwork you’re talking about. So while there’s a Last Team Standing I don’t think TDM needs forced organization like long respawns and spawn waves - because then it’d just be Last Team Standing with respawns.

  • <<< tail between legs- login in to try Last Team Standing

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